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Colosseum Athletics is a privately owned collegiate apparel manufacturer holding over 400 licensing agreements with colleges and universities across the nation. Ranked as the 4th largest collegiate apparel company in the US, Colosseum Athletics has become a name brand and industry leader.

Along with collegiate wear, Colosseum has expanded its creative pursuits into creating active and outdoor apparel lines.


In-Store Take Over

Create custom in-store signage take over based on vendor's specific store request/layout.

Partnered with Alabama University to create approved graphics and signage.

Created print ready files for vendors.

Store 2.jpg


CSR In-Store Poster

Create signage to post in several different university stores.

Showcase Colosseum's commitment to it's CSR program (Corporate Social Responsibilities) and the impact it makes to it's workers.


Concept:  Our factory workers in China work long hours and make the sacrifice of leaving their children behind in their hometowns. The parents then travel to the city to find work. Because of this children are unable to see their parents for more than 2 times out of the year.

The CSR program allows parents and children to rebuild those broken bonds.


USC In-Store Poster

Create signage to showcase new products in various different categories. 

Concept: Create a kid friendly design while still drawing inspiration from the legacy of USC. Second poster design was based on promoting the unique location of USC: So Cal.

*Third option was created to promote CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) but was not chosen.

Tradeshow Banner

Create a 20' x 8' banner to showcase our brands for the outdoors trade show.

Created mechanical and worked with third party vendors to complete final print production.

OHT Custom In-Store Signage

Create on brand sign-age for third party vendor OHT (Operation Hat Trick). Partner with licensed universities to provide team color specific looks.

Created 2 print designs: small rack topper (displayed left) and a 2 sided print design (displayed below).

Concept: Showcase military appreciation using patriotic imagery and silhouettes of soldiers. 

10"x10" rack topper

22"x 28" - Front

22" x 28" - Back


Dick's Sporting Goods Promotion

Partnering with Dick's Sporting Good, created 3 different assets for 3 different universities. Promoting in-store promotion by creating ticket giveaway. 

Each school required a different prize and perk to entice consumers to appear at store location.


OHT Instagram Promotion

Partnering with OHT (Operation Hat Trick) to create social promotion showcasing new product line. New apparel line created consumer incentive to donate to veterans and active members of the military.

Fanatics University Promotion

Partnering with Fanatics, create 3 different types of creative for 3 different universities. Each asset was to promote a popular piece of clothing bought within each school. 

Concept: Create hand-drawn assets customized to each schools game-day tradition. Generic versions were created for schools that chose not to participate in custom content.